3D Modeling App (Android/iOS)

You can now make 3D Models and do 3D Animation straight from your mobile phones. The app is currently is closed beta and undergoing testing. The open beta version will be released on October 2019, and will be free at the respective Android/iOS marketplace.

  • Initial Phase

– Creating a simple UI was at priority. Layouts were drawn to understand the working. Necessary things the app should have were taken into consideration, like Import/Export of other 3D model file format, creating our own file system for saving 3D Object and hierarchy. Different editing methods were tried out.

  • Scripting included

– Mesh Operations
– UI Management
– Basic Mesh Vertex, Edge, Face Movement
– File System and Import/Export
– Error Reporting using SMPT

  • Features

– Create primitives like Cube, Sphere, Plane, Cylinder
– Delete, Rename or Copy Objects
– Select and Transform multiple Objects
– Undo/Redo Operations
– Grouping Objects/Parenting
– Import from/Export to .obj file
– Save your work to native file format *.blib

Mesh Modeling:
– Face Operations:
1. Extrude
2. Triangulate
3. Flip Faces

– Edge Operations:
1. Extrude

– Vertices Operations:
1. Extrude
2. Connect Vertices
3. Fill Face

– Easy 3D navigation using multi-touch
– Modeling Gizmos (Wireframe, Points)

Build custom 3d-Models (Planes, Cars, Houses, anything)

  • Future Update

– A tutorial walk-through will be made for new users using the app.

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