Counter Strike Guns Skin Creator App

Create Counter Strike Global Offensive Skins by painting on 3D Weapon Models. This is more simple than coloring on 2D UV marked images which the professionals do. You have the 3D Model. Just paint on it and get the 2D Image as Skin Output. As this app is for Android devices, there are few limitation. High poly gun model and 2048×2048 texture size is not supported. Hence, the model is made low poly and the texture is taken down to 256×256 to support many mobile devices.

[Android App Link]

  • Pre-Unity Engine Phase

– 3D models (here, low poly guns model) with neat UVs. UV should be island mapped with a decent gap. UVs heatmap should be checked to show as close to one color as possible, otherwise the quality of coloring on the 2D map changes.

  • Scripting

– Touch raycast point of collision hitting the 3D Model is considered and paint is drawn upon it in sphere. Everything else is UI and texture, render texture management. Other features include GIF converter (using ProGIF), decal paste, color picker, etc.

  • App Working Video

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