Find the Difference in 3D Models

Object of difference in a particular scene DON’T REMAIN SAME. So, you can play the same level again and again, because every time you will see new difference. Includes total of 25 levels.

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  • Pre-Unity Engine Phase

– Cartoony 3D model with lot of stuff in it.

  • Scripting

– Nothing fancy. There are two cameras under one empty gameobject which handles rotation, pan and zoom (i.e. both camera have same ‘Transform’ values). Both the cameras take the halves. One take upper half, other take lower half. One camera views everything in the model. Other can view everything except objects which are on a particular layer. Thus, you see object hidden in one camera while visible in another. Clicking the hidden ones will bring them back to original layer, making it visible in both the cameras.

How is different objects hidden every different time?
> The objects which have different layers are not fixed. All objects in the game are in the same original layer. But, few of the objects which can be potential good for being hidden are given a different tag. When game is run, random 5 objects are selected from this group of particular tagged object and are made invisible (i.e. assigned different layer, which is not rendered by one camera). This randomness helps in achieving the fun of not playing in repetition.

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